About JR’s Speakers Club

About Us

This is not just another speaker training group and certainly no competition to any organization out there. This is why we DO recommend you join a Toastmasters group as well as it is the least expensive way to learn the basics in public speaking.


Before you join us for the initial 2 days, you will have completed your personal DISC profile assessment, read and watch inspiring information as well as have prepared a short talk/presentation.


We will then proceed with a 2 day orientation and basics building seminar to get you into the mindset of a speaker and start working on your vision about what kind of speaker you want to become, the delivery of your presentation, story, or inspiration, (which will be recorded) …or all of the above and to give you a clearer idea what is required and how we will proceed after the excitement dust of these two days has settled.


It is always amazing connect with others who are pursuing similar dreams, have similar passions, and want to impact others by what they have to say.


The biggest problem is usually after the training has been delivered. You return to an environment which was never really conducive to the way you want to grow.


Our Speaker Club has an exclusive members program that allows for your ongoing speaker development which prevents you from falling back into old habits.

Meet The Team

Tambudzayi Gomo

Chris Voysey

Mandy Murray

Jan Robberts

Who is This Training For?

Train & Grow

Aspiring Speakers

Trainers & Facilitators

Organisational Leaders

Church Pastors


All Are Welcome

Those with a fear/phobia of speaking

Keynote speakers

Seasoned Speakers

Youth Leaders

Young persons developing their confidence in communication

Share Your Experiences

Amazing stories which need to be told

Finding your voice

Stories of overcoming addiction

Addressing work - life balance

Inspiring stories of personal development

Address Local Issues

More trained speakers to be heard on a variety of issues such as: unemployment, entrepreneurship, diversity advantages, education, bullying and its horrendous effects, abuse of men women and children..

The disaster of the entitlement mentality…which does not work!